The Cancer Drug Development Forum – CDDF is the platform for all stakeholders involved in the development of cancer drugs.

Venue & Transport

Venue & HQ Hotel

nhow Amsterdam RAI

To book your room at the nhow, please check the website above and make a direct reservation on the booking page.




[Directions to the venue by public transport]

Please note that Google Maps suggest a longer tour as it does not recognize the pedestrian area that links the hotel and the train/metro stations. The actual itinerary is much easier and shorter than what shown in Google Maps.

From Schiphol airport (around 20 to 30 minutes):

Option 1:

  1. From Amsterdam Schiphol airport station, take any train that stops in “Amsterdam RAI” stations (Sprinter 4351, direction Almere Oostvaarders – 9 minutes, 2 stops, every 30 minutes).
  2. Once in Amsterdam RAI, go out from the station and follow the bike lane for about 5 minutes to find the hotel. The building will be visible from the station and easily accessible.

Option 2:

  1. From Amsterdam Schiphol airport station, take any train that stops in “Amsterdam South” stations (7 minutes, 4 stops).
  2. Once in Amsterdam South, go out from the station and follow the direction to the metro stop.
  3. Take the metro line 52 (direction Noord) get off in Europaplein stop (2 minutes, 1 stop).
  4. From Europaplein metro stop, exit via the “Europaplein or RAI Conference center” exit, and follow the pedestrian street / bike lane that links the stop to the hotel. The building will be visible from the station and easily accessible (around 7 minutes).

From Amsterdam Central (15 minutes):

  1. From Amsterdam Central station, follow the directions to find the metro line 52 (direction South).
  2. Take the metro for 4 stops and get off in Europaplein metro stop.
  3. See point 4 of option 2 above

Ticket fares:

  • Train: Train tickets from Schiphol to Amsterdam RAI/South (and back) are 3,30 EUR (per ticket). Tickets can be purchased online on or at the vending machines located inside the stations
  • Metro: The metro ticket costs 3,20 EUR and lasts 1 hour. It can be purchased at the vending machines inside the metro stops. Payments can be made via bank card or cash.

NB: Make sure to keep your train and metro tickets once you validated them at the access gate as they will have to be scanned again to exit the stations.


[Reach the venue by taxi]

From Schiphol airport: the terminal to the official taxi rank is located in front of Schiphol Plaza (outside the arrival hall). The fares are displayed on the taxi meter. Taxis accept cash or card payments and can provide a receipt, if needed. Reservations are not necessary, there are always taxis available at the official taxi rank.

From Amsterdam Central: From central station, it is faster and cheaper to take the public transportation. However, taxis can be found outside the station.


[Reach the venue by car]

If you are travelling via car, the hotel as an indoor car park is available for guests and events participants. For cars, the cost is 30 euros per day. The height of the car park is: P 1-2-3: 1.90m. P4: 2.70m. The opening hours of the car park are from 06:00 to 24:00. There are 20 charging points for electric cars in the P1 garage and 20 in the P4 garage. Charging costs € 0.24 per kW plus the fee  or use of the garage. To book your parking spot, follow this link:

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