The Cancer Drug Development Forum – CDDF is the platform for all stakeholders involved in the development of cancer drugs.

CDDF Workshop September 2023

Innovative oncology trial designs

18-19 September 2023, Hybrid Workshop – Amsterdam, NL



On behalf of the Cancer Drug Development Forum, its partners, and my colleagues from the organizing committee, Stefan Symeonides, Rosa Giuliani, Rachel Giles, Lada Leyens, Jeanett Borregaard, we are very pleased to welcome you to the Multi-stakeholder workshop on innovative oncology trial designs.

The workshop is planned as a hybrid meeting and will give the opportunity to participants to attend both onsite and on-line. We have actively invested in video technology and refined this through previous meetings to ensure a high-quality experience for on-line participants; however, we encourage our participants to join us onsite for great networking opportunities and the unique spontaneous discussions that they bring.

The program has been built to facilitate participation from many parts of the globe, although the focus is on Europe and North America. The workshop includes attendees from all relevant stakeholders (academics, regulators, patient advocates, pharmaceutical industry) in a collaborative platform to discuss innovation in trial design and performance to help make drug development more efficient, adaptive, inclusive, and ultimately more informative.

The workshop will focus on a range of topics, from novel (and surrogate) endpoints, patient-reported outcomes and harnessing real-world data, to novel statistical designs and methods. Specific attention will be given to the practicalities and regulatory environment around these approaches, and to the increasingly common scenarios of rare cancer (sub)populations, combination therapies, and utilization of master protocols.

We are excited about the excellent speakers who have accepted our invitation, and incredibly thankful for the support of all the stakeholders in building the program. Many clinical researchers, pharmaceutical industry representatives, patient advocacy representatives, and regulators will join us in lively discussions.

We are looking forward to the discussions with you, they are at the core of our mission to facilitate oncology drug development.

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