The Cancer Drug Development Forum – CDDF is the platform for all stakeholders involved in the development of cancer drugs.

Event outline


This event has been organised by the Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF) to address the increasingly important topic of Patient Access and Involvement in Oncology Drug Development. Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) is becoming a critically important component of all aspects of cancer research and its translation into better care, but there is currently a dearth of opportunities for the cancer community (healthcare professionals, researchers, patients, industry, regulators, payers, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders) to learn about the latest developments and exemplars of best practice. This Workshop will also provide  an opportunity to discuss and debate how patient access and involvement in oncology drug development can be enhanced to ensure a truly patient-centred approach to delivering innovative medicines.

This multi-stakeholder event (which will be informative for all the stakeholders highlighted above) will bring together experts in the field in a series of 5 sessions over two half days, delivered through a series of keynote lectures, round tables and discussion fora.  The event will examine ways in which patients can be empowered to be active participants in cancer research; how we ensure that the patient voice is amplified both in the delivery of clinical oncology research and in regulatory decision making; the challenging areas of reimbursement and access to innovative oncology medicines for patients; the absolute primacy of deploying data intelligence to underpin patient-focussed oncology drug discovery and development and the highly relevant but sometimes challenging area of cross border access for clinical trials in oncology.


  • To appreciate and understand how patients and the patient voice are best integrated into cancer research, with particular emphasis on cancer drug development and its delivery for the benefit of patients
  • To determine how patients can best contribute to regulatory decision making
  • To understand the complexities of patient access to innovative medicines and reimbursement of innovative medicines and what constitutes best practice
  • To be informed on the key role that data intelligence plays in the delivery of patient focussed oncology medicines for the benefit of patients
  • To appreciate the need and the means by which cross border access to oncology clinical trials can enhance patient access to the latest  innovative medicines


The target is a multidisciplinary audience of academia representatives, EU and US regulatory bodies (EMA, FDA, National Agencies), pharmaceutical Industry, HTAs and patient advocates.


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