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CDDF Webinar – January 2021



The Cancer Drug Development Forum held a live webinar on Thursday 28 January 2021: From treatment development to healthcare: Is the continuum becoming a reality?  The webinar comprised a lecture given by Dr Denis Lacombe (EORTC) followed by a discussion session.



The needs of patients in healthcare systems should define research priorities. Many questions remain unaddressed when new technologies are approved. Optimizing their use in the healthcare systems such as but not limited to combination, sequence, duration, de-escalation, and adjusting study populations-based on clinically validated biomarkers requires, robust datasets addressing medically relevant end-points.

Multidisciplinary pragmatic clinical research addressing such questions, traditionally performed by the non-commercial sector is at the crossroads between treatment development and access. Delivering datasets informative to patients, doctors, HTA bodies and investors should be integral to the process of providing treatment to healthcare systems to address the efficacy- effectiveness gap.

Re-engineering the process while integrating new solutions for data access is bound to methodological and economical challenges amongst others, which was addressed at the Webinar. Reforming the process of treatment development in healthcare is long overdue.



  • Thursday, 28 January 2021
  • 17.00-18.00 CET



Denis Lacombe, EORTC Director General, European Organisation of Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), Brussels, Belgium

Denis Lacombe (DL) MD. MSc has a long-standing career in clinical research. As Director General of EORTC, the largest European non-governmental multidisciplinary cancer clinical research infrastructure, Dr. Lacombe has a unique grasp on EU matters related to research in health. Author of more than 150 publications, in cancer research and related matters, he has also developed specific expertise in European policy affairs, advocating for reforms in clinical research and health care systems, building clinically robust end-points relevant for patients in care as well as ensuring sustainability and access to therapeutic innovation to all.

Dr. Lacombe has contributed to many conferences and events addressing EU research in health.






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