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CDDF Live Webinar – June 2021


The Cancer Drug Development Forum held the Live Webinar “Accelerating patient access to novel anti-cancer drugs” on Monday, 21 June 2021 at 18:00-19:00 CEST. This webinar comprised a lecture given by Prof. Dr. Haiko Bloemendal (Center for Oncology, Radboudumc University Medical Center, NL), and was followed by a discussion session moderated by Prof. Jaap Verweij (CDDF) and Prof. John Smyth (CDDF).



It often takes (too) long for innovative anti-cancer drugs to be reimbursed by insurers, thereby denying patients access to these drugs. With the intent of systematically collecting data on the safety and efficacy of novel anti-cancer drugs awaiting approval and implementation in the Dutch healthcare system, the Dutch Society of Medical Oncology, together with HTA bodies, developed a program to shorten the time between EMA approval and reimbursement by insurers.



Prof. Jaap Verweij (CDDF) and Prof. John Smyth (CDDF)



Prof. Dr. H.J. Bloemendal (1964) has been chairman of the Center for Oncology at the Radboudumc in Nijmegen since May 2019 and professor of Networks in Oncology since 1 November 2019.

Previously, he worked as a medical oncologist at UMC Utrecht from 2002 to 2005 and at the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort from 2005 to April 2019. His area of ​​interest within medical oncology is uro-oncology. He studied medicine at Utrecht University and also obtained his PhD in Utrecht in 2005 for research into the role of human monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of cancer.

From 2011 to 2015 he was successively vice-chairman and chairman of the medical staff of the Meander Medical Center. He was chairman of the Dutch Society of Medical oncology (NVMO) from February 2016 to December 2020. From that position he was part of the daily board of the Oncological Cooperation Foundation (SONCOS).



18:00 – 18:05 (CEST): Introduction (Prof. Jaap Verweij)

18:05 – 18:30 (CEST): Lecture (Prof. Dr. Haiko Bloemendal)

18:30 – 19:00 (CEST): Q&A / discussion session (Prof. Jaap Verweij and Prof. John Smyth)


  • Presentation slides: The speaker did not consent to have his slides posted on the CDDF website
  • Webinar recording



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