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ECCO-CDDF Special Session at the European Cancer Congress

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ECCO-CDDF Special Session at the European Cancer Congress 2015 (ECC 2015)


Monday 28 September 2015

The purpose of the session was to speak to the new challenges that immunotherapy represent for regulators given the very different nature of the efficacy and side effect profile, compared to traditional medicines used for cancer. For one hour, we focused on some of the aspects of science in developing immunotherapies, and on the even more challenging problem of how to afford or choose which medicines to be made available.

Three speakers presented three distinctive aspects:

  • the challenges of combining different immunotherapies
  • the huge challenge presented to HTA’s in deciding what is meant by value in a comparative sense;
  • the complex area of the roles the general public have in influencing the very difficult decisions that have to be taken by HTA


11:30 INTRODUCTION – John Smyth (The University of Edinburgh, UK)

11:35 IMMUNOTHERAPY – A NEW CHALLENGE FOR REGULATORS? –  Francesco Pignatti (European Medicines Agency, UK)

11:50 COMPARING APPLES WITH ORANGES – HOW TO ASSIGN REAL VALUE? – Bruno Flamion (University of Namur, Committee for Reimbursement of Medicines, Belgium)

12:05 HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE PUBLIC IN INFLUENCING HTA DECISIONS? – Kathi Apostolidis (European Cancer Patient Coalition, Greece)


CDDF thanks its Session Chair and its three speakers for their presentation, as well as the audience for joining!

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