The Cancer Drug Development Forum – CDDF is the platform for all stakeholders involved in the development of cancer drugs.

Event outline

Event Outline

  • This workshop focussed on the fast-developing clinical trial landscape in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), by bringing key stakeholders and international experts from regulatory agencies, state research organisations, pharmaceutical industry, academia, and patient advocacy organisations together for open discussions of the current state of play, important challenges and collaborative next steps to enhance innovation in the region.
  • The CEE region in the European Union is delivering strongly increasing numbers of clinical trials, driving the development of clinical research hubs by multinational pharmaceutical companies, and – most remarkably – empowering a growing regional pharmaceutical industry.
  • The war in Ukraine has severely disrupted cancer care and clinical trials in the country/region. Other countries in the region, esp. Poland, have stepped up to care for Ukrainian patients. The global impact of this crisis has brought support from international organisations. We discussed how to best support ongoing cancer care and clinical research in the region, given these challenges.
  • Another key aspect of the workshop was to foster collaboration between key stakeholders to address some of the challenges that are particular to the region.
  • One of the especially important topics is patient access to innovative drugs, including cross-border access to clinical trials.
  • The workshop involved engaging lectures, intensive discussions with the in-room and online audience, as well as Q&A sessions with panels of experts. It aimed to create enduring connections to support the further development of clinical trials in the region.
  • A White paper from the Workshop will provide key recommendations on the direction of travel and how best to boost clinical research and clinical trials and enhance patient care in the region

Learning outcomes / Meeting objective

  • Enhance innovation and foster collaboration between key stakeholders in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Ensure the adequate support in ongoing cancer care and clinical research in the region, considering the political context.
  • Ensure patient access to innovative drugs, including the cross-border access to clinical trials.

Target audience

The target is a multidisciplinary audience of academia representatives, EU and US regulatory bodies (EMA, FDA, National Agencies), the pharmaceutical industry, HTAs, and patient advocates.


The main language of the workshop is English.

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