The Cancer Drug Development Forum – CDDF is the platform for all stakeholders involved in the development of cancer drugs.

CDDF-ITCC-SIOPE 4th Paediatric Oncology Conference

Accelerating the Development of New Oncology Drugs for Children and Adolescents

20 & 21 January 2016, Brussels, Belgium

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The goal of the CDDF-ITCC-SIOPE multi-stakeholder, Paediatric Oncology Platform, created in 2013, is to improve oncology drug development for children and adolescents in Europe; it comprises three Working Groups (WG). The 4th CDDF-ITCC-SIOPE paediatric conference examined and shared the progress of the three Paediatric Platform Working Groups (WGs) in 2015, and aimed to identify firm proposals to take to the EU Commission for the Revision of the European Paediatric Regulation in 2017.

The meeting was divided into four sections:

  • Accelerating drug development for children with life-threatening diseases
  • Prioritisation through mechanism of action – why and how?
  • Long term follow up of patients receiving innovative oncology drugs
  • New incentives for specific paediatric oncology drug development

The Platform continues to develop and its members to work on terms of reference, a website, and a name. The overall objectives of the Working Groups for 2016 resulted in three main proposals to take forward to the EU Commission for the Review of the Paediatric Regulation in 2017: Mechanism of Action based paediatric oncology drug development [WG1]; prioritisation of such drugs [WG1], and new incentives for their development [WG2]. With these proposals, the Platform will engage with the EU Commission and Parliament in the run-up to the Review. These three proposals will be fine-tuned by the Working Groups and a communication group will be created to publicise the aims and work of the Platform. WG3 will build a pilot proposal for LTFU of patients treated with new therapies. In addition a baseline of PIP timelines will be created, so that ‘acceleration’ within paediatric drug development can be seen and measured.

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Scientific Programme

View the Scientific Programme: PDF version

View the report of the 3th annual conference in 2015 here.

Speakers’ presentations

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