The Cancer Drug Development Forum – CDDF is the platform for all stakeholders involved in the development of cancer drugs.

CDDF Data Protection Policy


The protection of your data and the observance of your right of informational self-determination concerning the collection, processing and use of your personal data are important to us. The CDDF processes your data in compliance with the European GDPR. The information you provided is necessary:

  • to organize CDDF meetings you will be attending to,
  • to generate invoices,
  • to confirm your registration by e-mail,
  • to contact you via your mobile phone in case of last-minute changes and/or emergencies,
  • to create your badge,
  • and to enable you to modify your registration.

In accordance with data protection and other applicable laws, sensitive data will be deleted after CDDF events, whereas personal data, payment history and correspondence will be stored for the period prescribed by law (currently seven years). As a rule, CDDF will not store any credit card data.



The CDDF may also process your personal data upon its legitimate interest:

  • to promote its activities and to inform you of updates within the organization via CDDF Newsletters and Emailing
  • to conduct post-event surveys

You may unsubscribe from these mailings at any time. This will not affect official correspondence from the conference secretariat.

The CDDF will neither perform e-mailings to delegates on behalf of third parties nor pass on contact details of delegates to third parties in this context. The CDDF will not share or sell your personal information to third parties.



  • Photographs/recording

The Organizer may, without further consent of participants, use and release pictures/recordings taken during CDDF gatherings for educational or marketing purposes. By registering for CDDF meetings, attendees agree that photographs/recordings taken during the activities, which could include recognizable images of those in attendance, may be posted on the CDDF website or intranet. Names will not be published. Meetings are held in a public space and, therefore, the CDDF does not prohibit participants from photographing, recording or audio-taping some of the activities. The organizer reserves the right to use photographs/recordings with your image taken at the meetings and/or likeness on social media and in marketing materials. The organizer is NOT responsible for the individual attendee’s use of your image or likeness.

  • List of meeting participants

To facilitate networking and active engagement at CDDF meetings, the organizer may share a delegate list that contains names, affiliations and nationalities with registered participants and/or meeting chairs before/during/after the meetings. By registering, attendees agree that their data can be used to produce a list of attendees which will be distributed to other meeting participants. The list is for internal use only and not to be distributed to external parties. You can object to these processing operations by sending the CDDF a written communication.

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