The Cancer Drug Development Forum – CDDF is the platform for all stakeholders involved in the development of cancer drugs.

Board Members

CDDF board members are distinguished and experienced pre-clinical and clinical investigators who are devoted to the development of cancer drugs. They have experience in giving advice or reviewing on drug development strategies in pre-clinical and early clinical development, designing phase I/IIl clinical trials using novel designs and endpoints to speed up and optimise the overall drug development programmes, and to avoid suboptimal drug development strategies.

Cancer Drug Development Forum
c/o BLSI
Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs 30
1200 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 880 62 70

Legal address
c/o Deloitte Tirol
Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH,
Wilhelm-Greil-Str. 15,
6020 Innsbruck, Austria