The Cancer Drug Development Forum – CDDF is the platform for all stakeholders involved in the development of cancer drugs.

The Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF) greatly values all stakeholders’ voices and engagement which help the oncology community break down silos and continue open, meaningful dialogue. To accelerate oncology drug development and deliver optimal treatment to cancer patients, we believe multi-stakeholder discussions and collaboration are key.

To know more about the CDDF and its multi-stakeholder discussions, please watch video interviews with the following attendees of the CDDF Annual Conference 2023:

🎤 Harald Enzmann (BfArM), Ruth Plummer (Newcastle University), Gilliosa SPURRIER-BERNARD (MPNE, Melanome France), Blanca García-Ochoa Martín (AEMPS), Mark Lawler (Queen’s University Belfast), Jaap Verweij (CDDF) and Sushmita Sen(Roche).

✔ To watch the video interviews, click here:


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