Speakers’ presentations


  • Gilles VASSAL – ‘Working together – a report from The CDDF–SIOPE–ITCC multistakeholder paediatric platform’
  • Debbie BINNER & Nicole SCOBIE – ‘Unite2Cure – mobilizing the general public and decision makers
  • Dirk MENTZER – ‘Improving the implementation of the Paediatric Medicine Regulation – recent changes made by the PDCO’
  • Gregory REAMAN – ‘Improving the regulatory environment in the US’
  • Andy PEARSON – ‘Prioritisation through mechanism of action in paediatric malignancies: the CDDF-ITCC-SIOPE proposal’
  • Nicola RUPERTO – ‘Prioritising drug development for children with rhumatologic diseases’
  • Stefan PFISTER – ‘How to evaluate the relevance of a drug target for paediatric malignancies?’
  • Nathalie GASPAR – ‘Is it safe to recruit teenagers in adult early drug trials?’
  • Koen NORGA – ‘Prioritising through multistakeholder forums: the CDDF-ITCC-SIOPE proposal’
  • Jaap den HARTOGH – ‘Being a childhood cancer survivor in daily life’
  • Jacqueline CARLEER – ‘Toxicology of innovative oncology drugs and new European pharmacovigilance provisions’
  • Jürgen MAARES – ‘Setting up long term follow up measures: the industry perspective’
  • Lars HJORTH – ‘Long term follow up and quality of survivorship – a major goal’
  • Raphaël ROUSSEAU – ‘Proposals from Working Group 3’


  • Florian SCHMIDT – ‘Paediatric rewards, incentives and obligations: How they work and how their impact is assessed?’
  • Nancy GOODMAN – ‘Creating hope act in the US – where are we after 2 years?’
  • Gilles VASSAL – ‘Is the Orphan regulation working for paediatric malignancies?’
  • Jeffrey SKOLNIK – ‘Orphan Drug Regulation, Paediatric Medicine Regulations and Paediatric cancer: the industry perspective’
  • Patricia BLANC – ‘Results of the Platform survey and Proposals from Working Group 2’
  • Gilles VASSAL – ‘Wrap up and further development of the multistakeholder paediatric oncology platform’