Prof. Volkmar Nüssler

z_neusslerProf. Nüssler is the Treasurer of the CDDF.

He is currently Associate Professor in Hematology and Oncology at the Tumor Center, Munich.

He has experience in early drug development with biological agents:

  • anticancer vaccines
  • antisense therapy
  • antibody therapy
  • anti-angiogenesis therapy
  • signal transduction inhibitors
  • gene therapy

He is the coordinator of the Tumor Center, Munich. Among his roles in this function, he has initiated a cancer patient forum in collaboration with the Bavarian Cancer Society. Over the last eight years he has established and organized the international congress “Biological Therapy in Cancer” in Munich.

He is a reviewer for more than 5 international scientific journals.

Research Interest

Dr Nuessler’s main research field is in the detection of resistance mechanisms in hematological and solid neoplasia, eg apoptosis related resistance, immune escape mechanisms. His work is focused at a genetic and protein level, to establish clinical relevance and new therapeutic strategies.

The use of immune escape mechanisms and apoptosis related resistance are crucial to improving the detection of appropriate surrogate endpoints and improving the therapeutic outcome of therapy with biologicals.

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