Organizational structure

CDDF is a unique organization leveraging a tripartite approach, which includes senior academic oncology specialists,  industry and scientific panels and representatives from regulatory authorities with the goal to create an “ideal” scientific, regulatory and commercial forum for the clinical development of cancer drugs.

The CDDF is governed by a board of eight invited academics including medical oncologists, statisticians, immunologists and paediatricians, led by a chairman elected for two years.

CDDF board members are distinguished and experienced pre-clinical and clinical investigators who are devoted to the development of cancer drugs. They have experience in giving advice or reviewing on drug development strategies in pre-clinical and early clinical development, designing phase I/IIl clinical trials using novel designs and endpoints to speed up and optimise the overall drug development programmes, and to avoid suboptimal drug development strategies.

CDDF office is located in Brussels and is composed of two half-time staff members: